In a nod to our all time favourite show, Takeshi’s Castle, join us at Goros for an epic night of challenges on the second Wednesday of every month. Be prepared for a night filled with eating competitions, Mario Kart tournament and plenty more surprises.



Check out the gallery below to see what could be in-store 😉 Grab your mates and book your spot!




May 8th

Last month it was the toe cracker challenge (look it up), a giant sushi roll eating competition and a mystery food challenge. See what Goros Castle has in store for you in May! 

June 12th

Grab your crew, book your spot and prepare for a night of surprise challenges at Goros. Win yourselves some bar tabs, cases of beer, bottles of sake + more!

July 10th

Have you ever tried to wrestle your friends in an inflatable sumo suit? What about eat a whole bowl of ramen in 1 minute with an ice cream scoop? Here's your chance. Book your spot.