In a nod to our all time favourite show, Takeshi’s Castle, join us at Goros for an epic night of challenges on the second Wednesday of every month. Be prepared for a night filled with eating competitions, Mario Kart tournament and plenty more surprises.



Check out the gallery below to see what could be in-store 😉 Grab your mates and book your spot!




November 13th

Grab your crew, book your spot and prepare for a night of surprise challenges at Goros. Win yourselves some bar tabs, cases of beer, bottles of sake + more!

December 11th

Have you ever shoved as much fried chicken in your mouth as humanly possible? How about eat a giant bowl of ramen as fast as you can with a turkey baster? Here's your change - GOROS CASTLE night of challenges at Goros!




January 8th

Get into the new year spirit with 2020's first GOROS CASTLE on the second Wednesday of January. Eating competitions, surprise challenges, Mario Kart plus more. Book your spot!