Skip the queue with me&u. We've installed a new ordering system throughout the venue and private karaoke rooms so that that when you're ready to order, whip out your phone, view the drinks menu using the me&u pop up, order and we'll bring the goods to you! Isn't technology cool!






A Goros experience is not complete until you & your friends have done one of our famous sake banger bombs!  


OG sake banger bomb ~ sake, beer  12

Redbull sake banger bomb ~ sake, redbull  12

Skittle sake banger bomb ~ sake, redbull, blue curacao  12






Ume+  19

Espolon tequila, Choya Umeshu, hibiscus syrup, lime

Espresso Martini 19

42 Below, cafe de creme, onyx

Cherry Blossom  19

Bombay Sapphire, Rose Syrup, Lemon, Aquafaba

Mana Totum  19

Bacardi Blanco, Green tea, Umeshu, Lime, Orgeat

Appletini 19

42 Below, De Kuyper Sour, Apple Pucker, cloudy apple, lemon 

Ube Fizz 19

Bombay Sapphire, vanilla, Ube extract, lemon, whites





Dewars Whisky Highball  15

Dewars 12yr, Lemon,  Soda

Yuzu Highball  15

Kunizikari Yuzushu, 42 Below, Yuzu Syrup, Tonic

Sake Highball  15

Dewazakura Seijo Karakuchi, St Germain, Cucumber Juice, Lemonade





Canned Koyomi Shochu highballs 


Blood Orange and bitters  10

Yuzu and lime  10

Mandarin and grapefruit  10





Sour Grape 18

Bombay Sapphire gin, grape, citric acid, grape Ramu, blueberry popping pearls 

Mango 18

Bacardi Blanca, mango, lemonade, mongo popping pearls

Blue Lagoon

42 Below vodka, Blue Curacao, lemonade, popping pearls  







Supersized 250ml


NV BB Prosecco, VIC  |  13     


Crafters Union Pinot Gris, NZ  |  15 

Riot Wine Pinot Gris, SA | 15

Crafters Union Rose, SA  |  15

Riot Wine Rose, SA | 15


Elephant in the Room Pinot Noir, SA  |  13

Riot Wine Pinot Noir, SA | 15

Take it to the Grave Shiraz, SA  |  15

Riot Wine, Grenache, SA | 15




~~ Classic Cocktails available on request ~~ 


Plus a fantastic selection of Beer, Spirits and more - ask us for the full list at the bar!