Skip the queue with me&u. We've installed a new ordering system throughout our restaurant and private karaoke rooms so that that when you're ready to order, whip out your phone, view the menu on the me&u pop up, order and we'll bring the goods to you! Isn't technology cool!







Edamame (Ask For Spicy) (vg, gf, nf) | 6


Crinkle cut fries, nori salt, ketchup (vg, gf, nf) | 9


Goros pickles, wasabi, sesame seeds, tofu (vg, gf, nf) | 9


Cucumbers, garlic, coriander, yuzu togarashi, goma (gf, nf) | 12


Grilled bok choy, chill, ginger, miso (vg, gf, nf) | 12


Charred broccolini, yukari, ponzu, tofu (vg, gf, nf) | 14


Sushi salad, Salmon, sushi rice, edamame, avocado, seaweed, pickles, sprouts, shallots, sesame, ponzu (df, nf) | 18


"GFC" Goros Fried Cauliflower, chilli, sesame, lime (vg, df) | 16


Takoyaki, mayo, okonomiyaki sauce  14


Chicken Karaage, yuzu mayo, sesame, shallots (nf) | 20


"Flying gyoza" gyoza stuffed fried chicken wings (nf, df) | 7 each







Miso eggplant, cucumber pickle, wasabi sesame (vg, nf) | 15


Teriyaki salmon, daikon pickle, sesame (nf, df) | 15


Chicken Skin teriyaki, daikon (nf, df) | 14


Spicy chicken, daikon kimchi, chives (nf, df) | 15


Maple miso pork belly, pickled red onion, shallot (nf, gf, df) | 15


Glazed beef, sesame, shallots, miso mayo (nf, df) | 15







Ommis Kimchi + Tofu Dumpling (3 piece) (vg, nf) | 13


Prawn + leek (nf) | 13


Chicken & cabbage | 13


Pork + chive (nf) | 13


Live dangerously - Ask for one random gyoza is injected with chef's award winning chilli yuzu sauce. 







Served with crinkle- cut fries & ketchup. GF buns available for $3 extra.


Blue swimmer crab Sando, fennel, chive, yuzu mayo (nf) | 24 


Chicken katsu sando, cabbage, pickles, BBQ & kewpie mayo (nf) | 22


Fried chicken burger, iceberg, chilli daikon, okonomiyaki mayo (nf) | 22


Teriyaki Cheese burger, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, kombu mayo (nf) | 22


+ Renkon chips | 3







Sauce - Ketchup, QP, Okonomiyaki, Yuzu mayo, Ponzu mayo, Yuzukoshu mayo, Kombu mayo, Teriyaki, Kamikaze | 2


Add Cheese (nf) | 2


Extra takoyaki (2 piece) | 4


Soy marinade egg | 3


Extra GFC (2 piece) | 5


Extra karage (2 piece) | 5


Extra gyoza | 3


Extra yaki | 5


Chicken katsu | 8


Panko fish | 9


Burger pattie | 5







Yuzu + sake sorbet ,waffle cones , yuzu curd, popping rocks | 10





Goros pickles, wasabi, sesame seeds, tofu
Grilled bok choy, chilli, ginger, miso 
Pork and chive gyoza
Chicken Karaage, yuzu mayo, sesame, shallots
Takoyaki, mayo, okonomiyaki sauce
Teriyaki salmon, shiso, yukari, seaweed 
Yuzu & sake sorbet, yuzu curd



gf | gluten free


nf | nut free


df | dairy free


v | vegetarian 


vg | vegan


v* |  vegetarian option available. 

We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. Please advise your needs at time of booking and our Chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.