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Goros also offers function venue reservations and private karaoke rooms available for family and friends. Visit our page for more information!

Parties + Karaoke


We love to party so if you want to hire a space for your mates, a karaoke room, heck, the whole damn place, just get in touch with us using the amazing form on this page. Just fill in your details, press submit, a pigeon then leaves it's nest in Prince Alfred Park and flies directly to our office, gives us the lowdown on your request and we then get in touch with you. Good news, it's energy efficient, no animals are hurt during the process and you get an amazing venue for your party...BOOM!


Karaoke is FREE and available to book for 1 hr 45 min slots. Credit card and I.D are required to reserve a time-slot however you won't be charged. If you're booking for a popular time (8:30-10:15pm & 10:30-12:15am), best to apply a week in advance.

For more information please email us at book.goros@solotel.com.au or call us on (02) 9212 0214